Northern Rail Cup Fixtures and Dates 2013


The 2013 Northern Rail Cup will begin with eight teams from the Championship One competition in a group stage.

The groups are:

Group A

Rochdale Hornets 
Gateshead Thunder
North Wales Crusaders

Group B

South Wales Scorpions
London Skolars
Gloucestershire All Golds
Hemel Stags

Each club will play four games, two Home and two Away. Three games will be between clubs in their pool with one game played against a club in the other pool.

Round 1 – Sunday March 3

Gloucestershire All Golds v Hemel Stags (3.00pm)
North Wales Crusaders v Oldham (2.30pm)
Rochdale Hornets v Gateshead Thunder (3.00pm)
South Wales Scorpions v London Skolars (2.00pm)

Round 2 – Sunday March 10

Gateshead Thunder v North Wales Crusaders (3.00pm)
Gloucestershire All Golds v South Wales Scorpions (3.00pm)
London Skolars v Hemel Stags (3.00pm)
Oldham v Rochdale (3.00pm)

Round 3 – Sunday March 17

Hemel Stags v South Wales Scorpions (3.00pm)
London Skolars v Gloucestershire All Golds (3.00pm)
North Wales Crusaders v Rochdale Hornets (2.30pm)
Oldham v Gateshead Thunder (3.00pm)

Round 4 – Sunday March 24

Gateshead Thunder v Gloucestershire All Golds (3.00pm)
Hemel Stags v North Wales Crusaders (3.00pm)
Rochdale Hornets v London Skolars (3.00pm)
South Wales v Oldham (2.00pm)

Following the conclusion the two side in each group will progress to join all 14 Championship sides in a knock-out competition.

The knock-outs will begin on May 18/19

Northern Rail Dates

Weekend of 18/19 May – Northern Rail Cup play-offs
Weekend of 15/16 June – Northern Rail Cup quarter-finals
Weekend of 29/30 June – Northern Rail Cup semi-finals
Weekend of 20/21 July – Northern Rail Cup final


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