Non-playing staff member at St Helens tests positive for COVID-19

In the latest COVID-19 testing update from the RFL, the Governing Body have confirmed that just one test returned positive; a non-playing member of staff at St Helens.

The RFL have confirmed that St Helens have postponed their planned training activity for today (Wednesday), as the club works with the RFL on Test and Trace analysis relating to the relevant individual.

The staff member, who is not displaying any symptoms the RFL have confirmed, will be re-tested.

Castleford Tigers, who played St Helens last Sunday, have been informed but at this stage there is no need for them to self-isolate under the Test and Trace procedures agreed for the resumption of Rugby League with Public Health England.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen at the RFL and Super League , your skating on very very thin ice playing the rest of the season with this virus around , I thought hull and Salford would of rang alarm apparently not . So a none playing member of St Helens staff has tested positive for the virus . My be it will take a death from the virus . To make you pull your heads out your backside . You should just finish season here and now , like the championship and doc 1 . The challenge cup is now a Micky mouse competition with sides pulling out and rule changes to allow the game to go a head because of the virus. So I just don’t understand why your pushing so hard to play the game . Keep well and stay safe everybody . The game will always be here , just like us fingers crossed .

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