Noble Denies Long Betting Reports

Reports from Australia had claimed that Long had been suspended due to betting allegations, but Noble insisted that this was simply not the case.

Noble said: "We've allowed him to go home at his own request. There is no disciplinary issue."

"On the subject of gambling there will be lots of stories coming out, but that's completely away from the truth. His wife is about it give birth and it's been weighing on Sean's mind quite heavily."

Other reports had suggested that Long had been drinking heavily on the flight back from the Lions’ record 34-4 loss at the hands of New Zealand on Saturday, but again Noble denied that there was any truth in such speculation.

But Noble said: "There were no bollockings dished out yesterday on the plane. My views were known, their views were known. That was the end of the matter."

Meanwhile, Noble confirmed that no replacement for Long would be brought into the squad ahead of Great Britain’s crucial clash with Australia next weekend.

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