No relegation means more freedom for teams to play, says Tony Smith

Hull KR coach Tony Smith says his players will be given a free rein for the rest of the season following the decision to scrap relegation.

Rovers remain rooted to the foot of the Super League table following a 40-10 defeat by Warrington on their season resumption at Headingley but Smith was able to draw positives from their performance.

Without the fear of the drop, Smith admits a huge weight has been taken from his team’s shoulders and he expects more entertaining matches as a result.

Smith said: “It makes a huge difference. We’re more likely to see teams try to win games rather than try not to lose them, which makes for better rugby league.

“I find it far more entertaining than the stuff we’ve been dishing up for the last five years, the five drives and a kick to the corner.

“I’m hoping all teams play a bit more. I’ve been encouraged with what I’ve seen since the restart.”

Hull KR had their moments, particularly in the first half, and their players had plenty to prove with opting to field all 11 of the club’s off-contract players.

Smith added: “I’d hate to make decisions after one performance but some did better than others. Some will need a chance to prove themselves again, while others put runs on the board.

“We got off to a great start and we were probably a bit unlucky to be behind at half-time. In the second half we didn’t start the same way, which was disappointing.

“I’m encouraged by some of what we produced. We’re far from the finished article and we need to improve some areas but there are positives to take out of it.”

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  1. Sad indictment of the game if entertainment, which is really what the game is about to creat interest and bring in more customers, is seen as secondary.
    Just imagine a comedian, talking but not telling jokes or funny stories because it’s safe.
    Somehow the priorities of the entire game seemed to be skewed badly.

  2. The trouble with rovers is when a team is attacking they are giving them a free 10 meters run up instead of gettIng in their faces ,
    Take the Warrington match, first five minutes they were getting in their faces and doing well then for some unknown reason they started waiting for them to run the 10 meters.
    This has been a problem of the robins for the last five coaches so come on mr Smith knock some heads together and get them out of this habit or we won’t see any progress.

  3. The trouble with rovers is that they keep giving teams a free 10 meters instead of getting in their faces, take the Warrington game , first five minutes they were in the wire faces then for some unknown reason they were standing and waiting for them to come to them ,
    You cannot give teams a free 10 meter run up this has been a problem for the robins for the last five coaches so come on mr Smith knock some heads together and get them out of this habit or we will never progress.

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