No one has a right to Super League

The last week has revealed many things, last weekend for example showed that my new found confidence in my tipping abilities was massively misplaced with a storming 1 prediction correct. I also got told off on Twitter for watching too much Rugby Union, I’m sorry but some of us do still watch the “other” code, I’d also quite happily watch more rugby league if someone will pay for the cost of sticking a dish on the side of this listed building. I’m well aware you can get Sky on the internet but I live in Cumbria and BT haven’t quite decided to gift us the pleasures of their higher speed internet services.

This week also finally gave way to the not entirely unexpected news that little Kyle Eastmond will be headed off to Union to play for Bath. In all honesty I don’t think this is a great move for him as a player but in terms of making the most of a bigger pay day in what is sometimes a short career then it certainly is. As with all rugby league players who make the move I wish him all the best and I may get told off for watching union again if I get around to watching him play!

I did also this week pick up a copy of League Weekly, something I do from time to time, I tend to alternate with League Express but that is beside the point, I was reading the letters page and on reading one nearly choked on my mini eggs. A rallying letter from a Wakefield fan to put tragedy and turmoil behind them and continue with promoting their right to be in Super League – RIGHT TO BE IN SUPER LEAGUE! What a bloody cheek! Nobody has a right to be in Super League, certainly not Wakefield. Why would they have a right to be in Super League? 

Because they’ve been around since 1873? The same year Halifax were formed.

Because they’ve won two championships?  The same as Leigh.

Because they’ve won 5 challenge cups? 2 less than Widnes.

Because they were founder members of the northern union? Along with 21 other clubs.

Or is it because they have an outstanding stadium and facilities up to Super League standard, that would match up to Leigh Sports Village or Widnes’ Stobart stadium. There in lies the major problem, we are now on Super League 16 and there are teams who believe they have a right to be in Super League whilst sporting stadiums the likes of which have barred other teams from the competition. The belief that they have a right to be in Super League is part of the problem, it’s the reason Saint Helens are only just building a new stadium and spending the season playing down the road in Widnes. Generally I disagree with the whole licensing and stadiums rules, they aren’t something I think the fans want, but if the RFL are going to write these rules they should enforce them or what’s the point?

Talking about St Helens, twitterer Paul Wellens (@pwello80) seemed to imply fellow Saints player Louis McCarthy Scarsbrook looks like Gareth Bale, at least I think that’s what he said, it’s most certainly a look a like worthy of my rubbish rugby league look a likes gallery.

Whilst looking around for pictures to compare I discovered a few things, not only is Louis not deemed worthy to be listed as a member of the team on the Saints website but he is also the owner of a most shocking team profile photo.


Hopefully that won’t give the kids nightmares, anyway as usual I shall leave you with my closing predictions for the weekend. After predicting a white wash of home wins last week with only Huddersfield obliging I might try and spread my bets a little more this week.

Hull 16 – 18 Crusaders – So I’ll start with an away win, this could be quite a good game and I don’t think Hull are having the best of it at the moment. Crusaders have started reasonably and could well steal some points here.

Salford 10 – 32 Wigan – Completely surprised everyone I think at Wakefield last week but Wigan are a much bigger challenge for the City Reds. I think Wigan will easily put last weeks defeat to St George behind them and focus on the Super League.

Harlequins 22 – 10 Huddersfield – Surprise early leaders of the Super League I wonder how long it will be till Quins get found out? If they get found out at all. I don’t think Huddersfield will be the team who can derail the momentum quite yet.

Catalans 10 – 36 Saint Helens – I don’t think the whole Kyle Eastmond saga will prove much of an issue at Saints and I think they’ll travel well to put away a Catalans team that on paper are weaker.

Warrington 26 – 32 Leeds – Leeds were on the end of a shock by Quins at home last week which I think could well give them the determination to sneak past a Warrington team still celebrating lifting the Saints hoodoo – although there’s every chance that could prove a boost for the Wolves.

Castleford 10 – 20 Hull KR – A week off can often be a curse as well as a blessing and get you out of a rhythm that you’re trying to get into early in the season and I think Castleford could well come up wanting against a Hull KR side who lost last week at home.

Bradford 12 – 18 Wakefield – I’m still not convinced about Bradford this season and I think a fired up Wakefield team could edge them out, as Wakefield only put 6 on Salford last week they certainly will be hoping for a better day out.

As a press announcement is scheduled for next Tuesday this could be a short lived game but I’ll leave you with “Where in the world is Willie Mason?”

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