New points system for National Leagues


A new system of awarding competition points in National League One, National League Two and the Northern Rail Cup group stages is to be introduced with immediate effect.

Under the new system, clubs will be awarded three competition points for a win, two competition points for a draw and one competition point if they lose a match by 12 points or fewer.

A club that loses a match by 13 points or more will be awarded no competition points from that particular fixture.
The new competition points system was agreed after productive discussions were held between the RFL and all member clubs in both National Leagues. It will be implemented from the start of the 2007 season onwards.

Nigel Wood, the RFL's Chief Operating Officer, said: "Following discussions, we are excited to be introducing this new development for clubs competing in the National Leagues and Northern Rail Cup in the 2007 season.

"We believe this is a progressive move and will generate increased levels of competition and interest in the National Leagues and Northern Rail Cup.

"The RFL believes it will encourage an exciting, attacking brand of Rugby League for spectators to enjoy throughout the forthcoming season.

"The system is an element of our ongoing efforts to increase the profile of the sport at this level and we look forward to watching this new development helping to continue the vibrant growth of the Northern Rail Cup and the National Leagues".

National League's new competition points system
Win – Three points.
Draw – Two points.
Loss by 12 points or fewer – One point.