Naylor looking forward to Hornets test in Blackpool

Oldham boss Scott Naylor is looking forward to the Saturday afternoon clash with neighbours Rochdale Hornets.

Naylor’s side have won just one of their last five fixtures, but Naylor believes this weekend’s game is the ideal opportunity to turn things around.

“We know it’s a derby game – it’s the Summer Bash, it’s clearly obvious it’s an important game to both clubs,” he said.

“Maybe this is one of those weeks where I don’t have to talk about desire, effort and attitude. Maybe they will go out on Saturday and just give that thing that’s been missing a bit in some of them.

“We should have beaten Rochdale at Rochdale – we threw it away in the last five minutes of the game. We’ll be quietly confident going into the game, but unless we get the fundamentals right, it doesn’t matter who we play, we’ll get beat!

“I think it’s been a strange season to be honest. I think we should be higher in the table. We should have taken more points in games than we did. We’ve gone to places and never looked to be in a game.

“As a coach it’s probably my most frustrating season so far. I’m relying on the guys that go out on the pitch and what mental state they are going to be in.

“It’s clear to everybody that when that is right and when we just do the basics in our game – and do them well, then we beat everybody. We should have beat London, we should have beat Fev at Fev. Sharpy will agree with that and so too will Andrew Henderson, but we didn’t.”

Oldham take on Rochdale at 2.30pm on Saturday 27th May as part of the annual Kingstone Press Championship Summer Bash. All games take place at Bloomfield Road, home of Blackpool FC.

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