Nathan Brown: This is my saddest day at Giants

Huddersfield coach Nathan Brown described his side’s 52-6 defeat at Castleford as the saddest say of his coaching career.

Brown saw his side concede 52 points a week before the Giants play Warrington in the Challenge Cup semi final.

But Brown made no excuses for his side’s loss, and blamed himself for the defeat.

He said: “We played a side who are struggling at the bottom of the table with six or seven blokes out, and we fielded 17 players who could do well.

“I thought we put a decent team out. But we quit, and its sad to say that. We put 17 bodies out there and there was maybe one or two who had some soul out there.

“We quit early in the game and as the coach I take my share of responsibility for that. It’s my saddest coaching day since I have been at Huddersfield.”

Brown revealed his side had had group talks weeks earlier in the build up to the semi final, and decided the games leading up to the tie at the Salford City Stadium would act as good warm up matches.

Brown said: “Three weeks ago we sat down as a group, and we decided it was a really good build up for us ahead of Warrington.

“Against London we put in a god solid win, and we played a pretty decent Hull side. Apart from a few lapses we played some decent footy which showed some improvement from before. We had a great weeks training this week.

“I’m not going to make rash statements at the moment, but as a group we all need to make some decisions. It’s really sad.”

Huddersfield face Warrington on Sunday in the Challenge Cup semi final.

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