Mullen locked in at Knights

Newcastle playmaker Jarrod Mullen has opted to pledge his future to the club, by signing a three year deal.

Mullen, 23, is about to enter his seventh season with the Knights and says his desire to play for the club is as strong as ever.

“The Knights have always been the club I want to play for and that remains the same today,” Mullen said.

“I grew up supporting the Knights and I’m proud to wear the jersey.

“I haven’t really seriously considered playing anywhere else and I’d like to play the rest of my career here as a one team player like Andrew Johns and Steve Simpson.

“The Knights community work is just as important and I really enjoy working with The Starlight Foundation and our other community partners to hopefully make a difference in people’s lives.”

Mullen will be a key part of coach Rick Stone’s upcoming premiership campaign.

“Jarrod has always been a priority in our retention policy and we are delighted to re-sign him until the end of 2014,” Coach Stone said.

“He has played all his football here in Newcastle and to be honest it would have been disappointing to see him play anywhere else.

“Jarrod has developed into a senior player who plays a pivotal leadership role for our club both on and off the field, he is the type of player you can build a team around and that is what we plan to do.”

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