Mossop enjoying Wigan’s preseason work

Wigan prop Lee Mossop is relishing the chance to work hard with the Warriors’ conditioning team in preseason.

Wigan director of performance Mark Bitcon has been taking a break, but that does not seem to have affected anyone’s attitude to training.

Mossop is also feeling healthier than he has done in recent seasons, when he has often been battling injury.

“It’s been tough but it’s been enjoyable,” Mossop told his club’s official website.

“Mark Bitcon has had a two-week break so Paul Johnson has had a good stint with us and it’s been good.

“It’s been a while (since I had a full preseason). I’ve come back with a lot of motivation, I felt last year that as much as I wanted to get back to my best it just wasn’t quite clicking.

“No matter how hard I tried or the extras that I did I just didn’t quite get back to my best.

“I think that had a bit to do with limping into the season, I didn’t have a pre-season, I didn’t make a tackle until a week before I played, the one before that was almost 12 months before when I had my operation.

“Towards the back end of the season I started getting some of the form back that I know I’m capable of so I’ve come back and now I want to get a lot of work under my belt, get fit again, get the strength back.

“I’ve got the confidence back in my shoulder now and I can’t wait to get started this year now.”

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