Morrison disappointed with officials

Dewsbury coach Glenn Morrison expressed disappointment with the way the match officials handled his team’s defeat at Sheffield Eagles last Friday.

The Rams were leading 16-0 at one stage, but ended up exiting the Northern Rail Cup, going down 24-16.

“We were the better side all game, we should have won the game,” Morrison told Love Rugby League.

“Someone else on the field didn’t think that way. They were in the ruck all the time, at every tackle, grabbing our arms or wrapping their legs around, pulling our boys back down.

“But he was penalising us. We should have been getting penalties. 

“Then their halfback got tackled and passed the ball up from the ground, and they scored from that set when we should have got a penalty.

“So it makes it tough when the officials aren’t seeing things.

“But the boys were outstanding. We should have won the game.”

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