More woe for the RFL at BARLA meeting

In a week that Super League clubs have led a revolt against the RFL, representatives of BARLA have rejected new rules proposed to them by the governing body.

At a Special General Meeting in Huddersfield on Sunday, Director of Participation and Strategic Partnerships, David Gent, and other members of the RFL addressed BARLA delegates in relation to the proposed RFL Operational Rules.

A vote was then held on the rules, the majority of delegates voted against the rules in their current format and asked if they could be deferred with further consultation taking place between both bodies.

BARLA chair Sue Taylor said: “David Gent and other members of the RFL attended our SGM and in a question and answers session with delegates representing full members of BARLA regarding the proposed RFL Operating Rules. 

“The session was full and frank for over ninety minutes before the issue came to a close and David and the RFL representatives were thanked for attending.

“On the resumption of the SGM the delegates were asked to vote on the Operational Rules and the majority voted that they would not accept them in their current form and that they should be deferred and voted on at the next Community Board Meeting later this month. This will be my view representing BARLA at that meeting so we will see what happens then.”

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