Monday Night Lights…



Sky Sports have this announced the decision to move their second live SuperLeague game of the week to a Monday night for 10 weeks during the Summer, to fill the gap left behind by the popular Monday Night Football coverage.

The move has been met with a somewhat mixed reaction from rugby fans, some are angry that their kids can now not attend a game (in some teams cases 2 games) or that their club will miss out on lost gate receipts. Some fans are in support of the move however, believing that it could open up the game to a wider audience in the popular Monday night slot, and it means more rugby for the armchair viewer too…

Heres the ten games set for the Monday treatment:

21st May Leeds v Saints

4th June Bradford v Cas 

11th June Huddersfield v Hull KR

25th June Wigan v Widnes

2nd Jul Widnes v Castleford

9 Jul Warrington v Catalan

23 Jul Hull FC v Hull KR

30 Jul Wakefield v Leeds

6 Aug Saints v Warrington

What do you think? Good for the game or annoyingly pointless?

Personally, I think that The RFL have just spent a million pounds on advertising with Stobarts for Europe-wide advertising and publicity, and now they are bringing the game to a new (and potentially huge) Monday Night audience that usually watch the football. 

It’s a ten week experiment. If it doesn’t work, they won’t do it in 2013. Simple.

If anyone genuinely thinks that our governing body do not care about the supporters of their own game, then they need their head testing.

Jeez, they really cannot win sometimes. I don’t know why they even bother… 



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