Minga ready for difficult Doncaster

Toulouse Olympique winger Kuni Minga is confident that his team can beat potentially tricky opponents next weekend in the shape of Doncaster.

The French outfit continue the second phase of the season with an away game on August 14 against the Dons, who will be keen to put one over on Toulouse.

“Having played them in Blagnac at the first phase, we know that Doncaster are a difficult team to handle,” Minga said.

“We are fortunate to have two full weeks to prepare for this match which could be tricky.

“We worked on the areas for improvement identified against York earlier this week, and we will be able to look at the game from Doncaster next week.

“Unlike the first two games, it’s a little different because it is a team that we played at home for the first time.

“It will be tough this time but I am confident we are ready to face them and win. We will work hard for it.”

The Papua New Guinean winger, who has scored 24 tries in 19 games this season, is also warning against complacency for Toulouse.

“You just keep going. Nothing is achieved yet, for big games await us, we have all the cards in our hands,” he added.

“With the guys, we want to offer our fans a final, which would be great for the team and the club.

“Our objective is the Championship, and we will do everything to achieve it.”

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