Million Pound game can repay Kirmond’s team debt

Wakefield back rower Danny Kirmond is looking forward to facing Bradford Bulls in the Million Pound Game on Saturday at Belle Vue.

The chance of Super League football next season rests on the game, and Kirmond, who has spent much of the season on the sidelines with a shoulder injury, hopes to put in a good performance.

He is not only excited by the sense of occasion which surrounds the game, but by the chance to make up for lost time.

“I feel like I owe the boys a lot,” he said.

“It’s been a while since I’ve played, and I’ve not been able to help them out through this really important time in the middle 8s.

“So I definitely owe the boys a couple of performances.

“I tried to inject some enthusiasm last weekend, and I think the boys saw that.

“This weekend is a massive game, so you want to play your best rugby in those big games, so that’s what I’ll be trying to do.”

As for the pressure which comes with such a sense of occasion, Kirmond is relishing the chance to show his quality on the big stage.

“I think it’s exciting, really,” he said.

“It depends on how you deal with pressure. Some people can’t take pressure and it turns into nerves.

“For me, it’s excitement. I’m excited to be playing in this big game. It’s similar in feeling to a final.

“I know it’s a relegation do-or-die game, and there’sa a lot on the line.

“These are the kind of games you want to be playing in as a professional player.

“It’s going to be sold out here, and there’s a lot of feeling around the game, everyone’s talking about it.

“I’m looking forward to playing in it.”

Kevin Locke and Tim Smith have departed from Wakefield this week in somewhat controversial circumstances.

The way in which they left the club has not caused any kind of split or disharmony in the Wildcats’ camp, however.

“The spirit in the camp didn’t need pulling together any more than it was,” said Kirmond.

“What happened, happened, and things happen in life, whether you’re in a normal business or rugby league.

“It just so happens that we’re in the spotlight.

“It was disappointing for the boys when it happened, but we pulled through, and focused on our goal, which is staying in Super League.

“That’s the most important thing.”

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