Melbourne concerned over Inglis speculation

Melbourne Storm has expressed its concern at the detailed speculation into the lives of both Sally Robinson and Greg Inglis.

While public interest in the matter is unavoidable, the welfare of the individuals concerned remains the primary focus of the Melbourne Storm Club, said CEO Brian Waldron.

“The club does not propose to provide any detail in relation to these matters,” said Waldron.

“Not only are there legal processes to respect but at the centre of this must be the health, safety and wellbeing of the two people concerned in the matter, particularly Sally.

“Our strong advice is that they each need some privacy as they independently deal with what is a difficult and now all too public situation.

“There is no change to the club’s position in terms of Greg’s future availability on the field – our priorities are the health, safety and wellbeing of the individuals involved, and our respect for the legal process.

The Melbourne Storm has sought advice from Professor Ian Hickie, a national mental health expert from the University in Sydney, in relation to the matter.

Professor Hickie made it abundantly clear that all parties involved must be granted privacy and respect.

“The media has an overwhelming duty to respect this request and not place undue pressure on the parties involved, especially Sally,” Professor Hickie said.

“Given the sensitive nature of the matter it is imperative that media outlets to demonstrate responsible journalism.

“The media must be extremely careful with this extremely sensitive issue.”

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