McNamara: I would have won the World Cup

Steve McNamara says he is confident he would have led England to winning the World Cup next year.

McNamara has been replaced by Wayne Bennett in the top job. The Englishman holds no grudges for the RFL choosing not to extend his contract, but he believes the platform in place put England in a strong position to bring home the World Cup in 2017.

“Yes, I think I was (confident about winning the World Cup),” he told TalkSport.

“We’ve been working very hard and put some great foundations in place.

“There was that spirit that I’ve praised the players for and the staff were tremendous in fostering that environment that players can flourish and enjoy themselves in and can ultimately get success.

“The support from the clubs had been tremendous as well and I think  the Super League and the national team are both in a very strong position.”

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