McIlorum turned down Leeds move

Wigan hooker Michael McIlorum has revealed he turned down the chance to join Leeds in 2005, prior to joining the Warriors.

McIlorum and his team-mates go to Headingley tonight, looking to banish memories of their defeat to the Rhinos in the Super League play-offs last season.

A junior on Leeds’ books, McIlorum was spotted by Dean Bell playing for Queens ARL against Wigan St Patrick’s.

He told the Wigan Observer: “I played for Queens, but they ended up getting kicked out of the league in Yorkshire, so we had to play in Lancashire.

“It was something to do with Stanningley and Milford joining together – not for the reason everyone would think!

“So we were travelling over to Wigan and St Helens and places like that, and I managed to get seen and Wigan asked if I’d like to come here.

“Leeds offered me a contract at the same time as Wigan but the deal they (the Warriors) put in place for me was better and I felt like it was right decision.

“Wigan put me up with a family over here, which made it a lot easier. I felt like I wanted to get out of Leeds and do something different and it’s turned out all right so far.”

McIlorum, who has played for both England and Ireland, has scored 15 tries in 136 appearances for the Warriors since his debut in June 2007.

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