McGillvary backs Salford players

Huddersfield winger Jermaine McGillvary says the Salford players were right to enter the stands after fighting erupted following their game against the Giants.

Junior Sa’u and Justin Carney went into the stands to protect their families as fighting broke out on Sunday.

“I understand they should not enter the crowd but lives are in danger,” McGillvary told the BBC.

“I agree totally with what the Salford players did. The players were just protecting their families. It’s the natural thing to do. I would have done the same.

“I reckon if the players and stewards didn’t get involved, it could have been a lot worse. If they just stood back and watched it unfold, who knows what could have happened.

“This doesn’t happen all the time, they weren’t rugby fans. When they find the people, they should ban them for life. There is no place in rugby league for this.

“They were putting kids’ lives in danger.”

McGillvary described it as the “worst incident” he has witnessed at a rugby league match in his long career.

“It was shocking and alarming,” he said.

“Women were crying and kids were walking out of it. I don’t think anyone was seriously hurt, but it is not a nice thing to be involved in.

“The Salford players’ wives were there with small children. There were newborn kids who were being trampled on and getting thrown about.”

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