McDermott and Wane back ClubCall move

Rival coaches Brian McDermott and Shaun Wane have backed calls to make the ClubCall announcement earlier, if it is retained in future seasons.

Huddersfield coach Paul Anderson expressed his frustration at the delay in finding out their next opponents, with the announcement not made until noon on Sunday, some 36 hours after the semi-final line-up was confirmed by Leeds’ victory over St Helens.

Wigan coach Wane said: “I have a strong opinion on the fact that we could have sorted ClubCall on Friday as soon as we knew the teams involved.

“There is no reason to leave it until Sunday, it means I have lost a day and a half of preparation.”

On Sunday, Warrington chose to face Huddersfield, leaving Wigan facing a tie against reigning champions Leeds.

Rhinos coach Brian McDermott said: “I understand ClubCall and I understand the benefits. There has been some interest in it this year, and rightly so, because Warrrington have picked somebody other than the lowest ranked side – which has created quite a lot of headlines. 

“But I think we might have been able to do this straight after our game with St Helens, rather than wait, and it still would have caused equal headlines.”

Leeds have been ClubCalled in each of the previous two seasons and gone on to win the competition.

This year’s ClubCalled side, Huddersfield, have never played in a Super League Grand Final, and it is the first time that the lowest ranked team left in the competition hasn’t been chosen.

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