McCullagh warns Wigan to watch out for Hunt and Milford

Brisbane Broncos skipper Andrew McCullagh believes that his team’s greatest threat to Wigan can be found in the team’s half-backs.

The Broncos captain thinks that Ben Hunt and Anthony Milford can start to find some form as a partnership in the World Club Series clash with the Warriors on Saturday night.

“We hope they’ll really start to gel in this game,” said McCullagh.

“Bennie Hunt had an outstanding year last in making the Australian team, he needs to back that up now.

“Milford needs to find his feet and do his job in the Broncos colours.

“That special stuff he brings will then come naturally.”

Another personality expected to have a big impact on proceedings on Saturday evening is Broncos coach Wayne Bennett.

Bennett has returned to Brisbane for his second spell as coach, having left the Newcastle Knights in 2014.

“It’s good to have a coach of the calibre of Wayne Bennett, and what he brings to the team,” McCullagh said.

“His experience, his knowledge, the whole lot.

“It’s good to grasp his concepts of the game and what he thinks works.”

McCullagh was at the Broncos when Bennett was previously at the club, though he was a lot younger then.

“I would have been 18 then, so I probably didn’t listen as well as what I should have,” he said.

“Now I’m a little bit older, I take things on board. Even off the field, you can take little pointers, and the way he seems to prepare better for a game.”

There is a little bit of history between Brisbane and Wigan, with the teams having met in two previous World Club Challenges, with each team recording one victory.

“It’s a bit of a proud tradition, Wigan and the Broncos,” said McCullagh.

“It’s exciting, so hopefully we can make it 2-1.”

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