McCormack enjoying Scotland’s World Cup thrillers

Scotland coach Steve McCormack believes that Sunday’s 30-all draw with Italy was a fair result – and even claimed that he was able to enjoy the game despite the enormity of the occasion and what was at stake.

“I think it was [a fair result],” said McCormack. “Both sides had some good spells. We started really well, Italy controlled the mid part, but we fought back at the end. Both sides had opportunities to steal it.

“I’ve got to the stage where I do enjoy it, although I wouldn’t have a few years ago! I enjoy watching a team that gives absolutely everything and twice in four days they’ve given everything. They genuinely have and if you mix that with a bit of skill you’ve always got a chance. 

“We’ve got a chance to get to the quarters without playing particularly well so far.”

With remarkable similarities to the Tonga game, which Scotland edged 26-24, the Scots built up an early three-score lead only to be hauled back before clawing back with a late score of their own.

“I always had faith we’d come back and we showed that on Tuesday,” said the former Whitehaven coach, who once again paid tribute to the local supporters. 

“The last ten minutes they were chanting ‘Scotland‘ again. In the build-up, we had a Scottish piper who came to the hotel and the atmosphere they’ve created for us has been fantastic. 

“But the challenge is getting everyone back up and running [for Thursday]. If someone had said you’ll go into Thursday’s game with everything to play for, we’d have taken it.”

Scotland must now beat USA on Thursday at Salford and wait for the outcome of Tonga and Italy‘s games.

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