Matterson refuses to rule out changes

Castleford coach Terry Matterson hasn’t ruled out making changes for the match against Warrington, despite the win over Leeds last week.

The Tigers go in to their clash with the Challenge Cup winners on the back of a 24-10 win at Headingley, while the Wolves set their stall out for the season with a 58-0 win over Harlequins in their opening game.

Matterson said: “In training this week the guys who didn’t make the seventeen last Friday have been putting pressure on those who played at Headingley which is good because it keeps everyone on their toes, just as it should be. Obviously it would be difficult to omit anyone because, as I said at the time, everyone played their part in the win against Leeds, but we’ll make a call tomorrow and we might make a change.

“Obviously the mood in the camp has been pretty good this week but to give the guys their due, no one is getting carried away. Winning at Leeds is a big thing for our fans so I am pleased for them, and for our part it went someway towards making amends for our performance over there last year. But that’s all behind us now because we have another very big test tomorrow. Warrington have invested in some big names in the off season but they were already improving last year under Tony so it was no surprise to me to see how well they went last week.

“Consistency is the key and that’s something we are hoping to address this season because although we made very significant progress last year, as our 7th placing confirmed, the one disappointing element was our home form. It’s hard to pin-point why but it’s definitely an area that we’d like to improve upon.

“Tomorrow would be a good time but we know that we can’t afford to drop from the standard we set last week. But it should be a cracking game and I hope that our fans, who gave us great backing last week at Headingley, and the Warrington fans, who must also be buzzing, turn up in big numbers and give it a great atmosphere.”

Castleford 19-man squad: Richard Owen, Michael Shenton, James Evans, Michael Wainwright, Rangi Chase, Brent Sherwin, Mitchell Sargent, Ryan Hudson, Craig Huby, Brett Ferres, Steve Snitch, Joe Westerman, Stuart Jones, Liam Higgins, Paul Jackson, Kirk Netherton, John Davies, Ryan McGoldrick, Dean Widders.

Warrington 19-man squad: Louis Anderson, Vinnie Anderson, Ryan Atkins, Chris Bridge, Lee Briers, Garreth Carvell, Simon Grix, Ben Harrison, Mickey Higham, Matt King, Richie Mathers, Tyrone McCarthy, Michael Monaghan, Adrian Morley, Richie Myler, Chris Riley, David Solomona, Ben Westwood, Paul Wood

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