Matt Scott ‘prepared’ to retire if he injures his neck again

North Queensland forward Matt Scott admitted he would be ready to hang up his boots if he was to injure his neck again.

The 33-year-old made a return from neck surgery in the Cowboys’ 22-16 trial win over Gold Coast Titans on Saturday.

Scott had surgery on his neck back in 2015 and again last October but in a different area of his spinal column, and he knows his next game could be his last.

“If I struggle to get through this year or I happen to hurt it again then I am prepared to finish,” Scott told

“I’m extremely happy with what I’ve been able to achieve in the game. I’m very grateful for that so if I had to stop right now I’d be, not happy, but satisfied with my career.

“I know at my age and with some of the issues I’ve got, I’ve got to be prepared to stop at any time now.

“It’s actually not a bad mindset to be in because I’m pretty comfortable with it. If it ends today or I can play another couple of years with it, I’d be very happy with it.”

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