Marwan Koukash writes off Salford debts

Former Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash says he has written off all the debts that the club owe him.

The millionaire was owed a substantial amount of money by the Red Devils.

But with Koukash claiming to have written off all of the debt owed to him, this will allow the club to help realistically budget themselves going forwards.

Koukash tweeted: “I have written off any debts and loans owed to me by Salford Red Devils.

“This means that any debts of the club relate to a period when others were in control.

“I hope the new board will use this opportunity to attract fresh investment into the club.

“I hope all previous and new directors will follow my example and write off their loans to give Salford Red Devils a chance to grow and manage its finances.”

Salford were offered a helping hand by Koukash ahead of The Qualifiers last season, with him funding the arrivals of Jackson Hastings and Joey Lussick.

The club have not made an official comment on the matter.

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