Marshall wants improved execution at Halifax

Halifax coach Richard Marshall wants to see improved skill levels from his players in the coming weeks.

Fax lost 24-12 at home to Featherstone Rovers on Sunday, and Marshall felt that his players were not sharp enough when it came to taking the chances to score that they created.

“We need to execute better in good ball,” he told Fax TV.

“And in the areas that you can and should really be scoring in, we need to do better.

“We have to practise more, so that when we’re in those situations it comes more naturally than it has been.

“As a team, we need to up the skill level. We didn’t capitalise on our chances.

“We were great at creating the chances, but we needed to get our foot over the line.

“Featherstone kicked the ball out of play and slowed the game down.

“At times I thought we were really fast, and good around the ruck. We left them on the floor quite a lot, which is something the players wanted to do.

“Probably the lesson for us is to do that next week, and then execute our plays off the back of those quick play-the-balls.”




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