Mark Fullilove – National Leagues Correspondent

Your Name: Mark Fullilove

Age: 18

Where are you from?:
West Yorkshire

Who do you support?:
Castleford Tigers

Favourite player past/present?:
My favourite past player is Dean Sampson, my favourite current player for the Tigers is Ryan McGoldrick.

Your First Rugby League game?:
Oooh, tough question. Most people usually remember their first game, but i cant. Ive been a season ticket holder around 7 years now, and i remember first watching the Tigers in 1998 so lets just say start of 98 season.

How did you find Last Tackle?: Was looking for sports sites. Stumbled across Last Tackle in the RLFans links, and saw that they wanted journalists, so naturally applied.

What made you become a writer on the site?:
I have always aspired to be a writer. At a young age, most people thought i could write with some talent. I myself am looking to fulfil that potential, and this provided the first opportunity to build up some experience.

Your personal aims for the site: To build up a successful site, with the latest news and views and opinions. We have the foundations in place, now its time to carry that forward. A little dedication and it can go far.

Your future ambitions: To become a well-known Sports Journalist. 

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