Mark Aston: We will get the Olympic Legacy Park

Sheffield coach Mark Aston is confident the Eagles will win their battle to get the Olympic Legacy Park as their home on a permanent basis.

The Eagles recently are currently struggling to pay their Olympic Legacy Park home, but they making big strides off the field.

Attendances are the highest they have been since their final year Don Valley Stadium and commercial revenues are higher than anticipated at the club.

The club are in ongoing talks with Sheffield City Council but Aston says the club needs a permanent home in the Steel City.

He said: “There is a group of fans who have stuck with us for the last five years outside of the city since they knocked Don Valley down.

“Since we have got back into the city, we have been lied to and people are now saying things now that they didn’t say before. Some things have been said so we will go in the archives and pull a few shots at them.

“We will get through the situation with the council and the people who have made false promises. We will get the stadium and we will start building from the bottom again. We will be successful in our bid to get the stadium and then I will tell the people what I think of them.

“We need the stadium. We have always needed a facility and the pitch at the OLP is great. Once we have got the stands in place then we will have a stadium that we can call home and we can start building again.”

Aston insisted that the club are doing all that they can at the minute to become both successful on the field and off it.

He added: “We are not just going to pack in or turn our backs on the fans.

“We have got good people at the club. There is no point moaning or causing a stress about it, we will fight and get to where we want to get to and we will build it again.

“There might be some new faces next year who have been here before, the fans will love them and I like good people. If you have good people then you can do good things.

“We will come out of all this stronger and we will strive to get a consistent team together that we can get to the place where we want to be in one or two years.”

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