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Dear James,

First of all I think that the video Referee in rugby league has been way ahead of other sports for a long time. However, I feel that now it’s behind with the times.

Example of this is the VAR in football. Unlike rugby league it is used in non televised games and the VAR can check incidents while play continues from the onfield officials original call. Say there is a penalty call and the ref plays on, VAR can check it and communicate with the ref and play is brought back.

I feel that this would benefit rugby league, although only in very certain incidents. Like if the onfield decision on whether a drop goal attempt is successful or unsuccessful. Maybe not for a try as the referee will usually call for the video ref anyway.

As for non televised games I think another official with a monitor can be put in place as only having the video Referee in televised games makes it very inconsistent.

It needs to be either at every game or not at all.

What are your thoughts on this?


Gaz Haigh

Editor’s comment: To have the video referee at every game would be a step forward, and it’s a shame, if not surprising, that after 24 years of Super League, we’re still limited to having it at televised games. VAR has copped for a lot of criticism in football, and part of the issue is that without big screens, fans aren’t often sure what’s going on while a decision is made.

Mailbox gives you the chance to get your voice heard and start the debate with the rugby league audience. Want to be featured? Email the editor:

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