Mailbox: That’s me finished with rugby league after 50 years

Israel Folau (4) of Catalans Dragons shakes hands with Tommy Makinson (2) of St Helens after St Helens thrash Catalans 34-6

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That’s me finished with rugby league after 50 years.

Politicising our sport with taking the knee coupled with six-again. No scrums and the new play the ball rule again not implemented.

Watched 40 min of Saints v Catalans. I just can’t watch it any more, I would have penalised both teams at least 50 times each in the first half for stepping over the ball

Turned it off I have given up.

Graham Collins

Editor’s comments: I’ve said it many times before, there are people turning away from the game for a variety of reasons, and nothing seems to be done about it. While some reasons are unwarranted, rugby league should do more to listen to the concerns and criticisms from its main stakeholders.

Mailbox gives you the chance to get your voice heard and start the debate with the rugby league audience. Want to be featured? Email the editor:


  1. Got to say I am losing all interest in Super League here in the UK, The Kneeling, and how the media attacked one player for not kneeling, when he at least showed respect. I have many Black Friends and have had since I was young, and I would Never Kneel! What shocks me is the Silence from Super League! did they feel they had to just follow Premiership Football with the kneeling before every game, is that the plan for us here in the UK! Sadly the BLM movement here in the UK has become a militant anarchist political group, Super League are supporting that! the march in London at the weekend was worrying, now all dressed in black military uniforms and the verbal attacks on the police, by the way it is illegal to wear military uniforms like that! What happened to bring this all about was Wrong! and we all shared disgust, but now it is out of hand! I enjoy now NRL much more, the respectful way they handled last weekend with the Indigenous weekend games was a credit to them! All we get is the kneeling, farce with The Challenge Cup & the Toronto farce!

      • I wonder if the Rugby League support defunding the Police and the wholesale looting of city’s in the U.S ? BLM is nothing but a mass mental illness which is getting people killed to support this political group is grotesque and they will live to regret it.

  2. I agree with all the above. I won’t be watching the Cas match this weekend because of this ‘taking the knee’ business. The crux of the problem is that the game is run by businessmen, who are cowards. We’ve seen what they have done to the world around us and they are doing the same with rugby league. We need more voices calling out for them to get out of rugby league and be replaced by grass-roots community minded people who care for the game and not for the pursuit of fanciful new merchandising opportunities on the other side of the world or fear of putting off global sponsors.

    • Disgusted to see RL players kneeling in sympathy with an american drug dealer. What is our sport coming to ? Most of us have admired and respected coloured players for years without this grovelling display.

    • Rugby league has to be kept with the times to keep its credibility.
      Black lives do matter.My favourite player was Martin Offiah and my favourite coach was Roy Francis.
      The game last year was very different from when I started to watch.
      That’s the beauty of Rugby League.
      Keep up with the times.

  3. A lot of years ago i was running a trip to Wembley when i sent a latter to a rugby league paper complaining about moving the challenge cup from April to August but it fell on deaf ears with the RFL and look at the attendances now at Wembley compered when you had a April weekend Final so if you feel that way about Super League i suggest you cancel your Sky sports subscription and maybe they will start and listen to the fans who are the ones that pay there wages

  4. I am perplexed by the outrage at taking the knee. This is a show of solidarity with black people who are regularly subjected to racism of varying kinds in the UK. Yes it was sparked in the US on this occasion but racism is alive and growing in the UK believe you me.
    Taking the knee will run its course. If you have a vexation with it I’d suggest you examine your own attitudes.
    As for the rule changes, yep all barmy and I share your frustrations

    • Rubbish. It is a political statement. It needs to stop. I work with black men and they laugh at all us white people taking the knee. Think its bloody hilarious. When are people going to realise that racism ended years ago. You will alway get idiots thinking its funny to say things, I should know im a ginger and get loads of abuse from certain morons. People need to grow up and get on with life.

  5. I’m sorry if you think that taking the knee is an outrage because that, my dear friends, is where the problem lies. It’s a show of solidarity and if it causes you discomfort or concern you are missing the damned point. Sweet lord this world is lost if you feel the centuries of racial injustice, white privilege and inequities to fellow men is LESS important than our sport showing what decent human beings we are by a gesture of less than 20 seconds at the start of all our games. Shameful if you think otherwise. Wake up.

    • The BLM UK is nothing to do with racism it’s left wing marxcist activists taking the knee,these people are against capitalism,free speech,etc etc politics has no use or placein sport of any kind good on Israel for not doing so like the other sheep, I also will not watch league any more have cancelled sky and TV licence

    • In what sense is it a ‘show of solidarity’? Solidarity with what, with who? Did you not respect black athletes before the Floyd situation? Or has it taken the death of a black criminal 3000 miles away for you to suddenly decide that black people in the UK are victims of systematic racism?
      What utter, virtue-signalling nonsense. BLM is a Marxist inspired political movement and as such should be banned from all connection with sport.

      • 100% correct, this Marxist movement has no place in sport. I have always respected rugby league players, whatever their colour, but I can’t accept that following the round ball game with the ridiculous ‘take the knee’ movement is a step too far.

        • RL has had an anti-racism round for years, there is absolutely no reason to support a group that’s primary aim is division
          They can say its not political all they want but the phrase and organisation are intrinsically linked

          How many black players in the hall of fame
          First black national coach in the 50’s
          First black national captain in 60’s

          That’s how we make our statement

        • Well said. I am alarmed at the number of people speaking against it. I think it shows an deep undercurrent of racism that people are hiding and now giving vent to. Britain is drifting towards the far right more and more by the year

      • Death!!!! He was murdered on camera by the police. I just wish people would look in the mirror and realise what their objections to this are really about

  6. I too will have nothing to do with Rugby League anymore, not least of all due it backing a blatantly far left organisation that wants to disband the police amongst other things. Are the RFL now going to ban the Police RL sides for fear of upsetting their new heroes in BLM?

    It’s a complete joke and the RFL (and the Premier League) will soon come to regret their support for this rabble. Note, as others have said anti racism is a great cause – but BLM do not want, or strive for racial equality.
    Bye Bye RL

  7. The biggest problem for many is simply being priced out of the sport. I can’t afford to go, it’s simply too expensive. The subscriptions to watch it are ridiculously expensive, and I don’t want some dodgy box, which also has a cost, and a risk, connected to the internet. When the NRL was on Premier Sports at £9.99 a month I’d have that for the season. I enjoyed the coverage of the amateur game when that was on, Paul Wood’s fbomb was a particular highlight, cried laughing after that. But…now, it’s an expensive luxury I can’t afford. I try to win the odd competition to get tickets, but then it’s getting there and back, and people get weird about my walking stick. The last tickets I had I gave away.

  8. Andrew Grainger
    “Death!!!! He was murdered on camera by the police”
    You don’t know if he was or he wasn’t. The trial hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps you’re confusing trial by jury with trial by twitter?
    And even if he was murdered by US policemen 3000 miles away, what is the relevance of that to a game of Rugby League in this country?
    Perhaps you could explain the link and then what you mean by “what their objections to this are really about”?

  9. Played rugby league all my life thats me finished
    All these players kneeling and showing support for a racist organisation that openly want to ruin our way of life has lost me
    Bye bye

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