Mailbox: Take Magic Weekend to new territories and prove there’s more than one rugby

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Dear Love Rugby League,

In response to Phil Slade’s Mailbox about rugby league being hidden away as a secret

When I mention rugby league to many of my friends, they know nothing about the game, they don’t know the teams, the players, or how it differs from rugby ( I say just rugby, because as far they’re concerned, there is only one rugby!)

And the reason for this?

We all live South of Birmingham. Any promotion of the game is aimed at the already converted.

Why can’t rugby league be brave, how about taking Magic Weekend to new territories?

I might have never discovered RL if it hadn’t been for a guy called Keith Fielding… on Superstars!

He got a lot of local interest, having been born in Birmingham and played for Moseley and England in union.

Rugby league has done little to promote itself since Eddie Waring! In fact, Mike Yarwood did more to promote rugby league nationally than the RFL do.

Jem Pitt

Editor’s comment: It’s remarkable really to hear about how people from outside of the traditional heartlands came across rugby league. It’s an ongoing battle, and of course the main reason that expansion is always high on the agenda. The powers that be could do worse than to listen to the suggestions of fans – though easier said than done.

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