Mailbox: A Rugby League feel good story

Drew Darbyshire

This is why we call Rugby League a family game.

Dear Love Rugby League,

I have got a feel-good story for you and would be grateful if you could publish it.

Back in September 2017, my husband, Steven Tiffany, was unfortunately involved in a motorbike accident just outside of Hull.

He was admitted to Hull Royal Infirmary by ambulance and assessed in the A&E department where they discovered he had broken his shoulder, damaged some ribs and suffered substantial damage to his knee which required a five-hour long operation to put it back together.

I then travelled from Bradford to take him some belongings and we were hopeful he would be allowed home the next day. However, this unfortunately didn’t happen. As a result, we had to video call him as it was a long way to travel for me and my son.

Again, we were hopeful he would be coming home the following day and much to our dismay, he was kept in for a further night.

This is where it gets good! I was added onto a Hull KR fan page on Facebook a little while before and so I put a post asking if anybody would be willing to visit him that evening…

It was shared onto another page and then my phone started to go mad!

I had messages of support for us both, apologies from people as they couldn’t make it for varying reasons, and the response I got was astounding.

I had a couple who supported Hull KR who were willing to visit and a gentleman from Hull FC. They took him sweets, magazines, drinks etc.

They chatted with him about anything and everything like his accident, rugby, Land Rovers – you name it. Their generosity will always stick with me and I am ever so grateful for the Rugby League family we have always loved. PS. Me and my husband are a Bradford Bulls fans.

Here is a photo of the wonderful people I would like to thank for taking time out of there busy days to visit an out of towner.

Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope the three people can finally see how much we appreciate all they did for me and my family.
Lindsay Tiffany
LRL comments: What a heart-warming story. This is exactly why Rugby League fans refer to each other as family. We hope he is back on the mend now! 
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