Mailbox: Focus on rugby league and not a religious and ethical debate

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Hi James,

In your response to Mike Hopkins you comment on the poor decision of Catalan Dragons in signing Israel Folau. I think it is important to make clear, that their are, I believe thousands of Rugby fans who are dismayed at how Folau is being victimised.

On Saturday I was listening to reports on Folau’s debut and in regards the Rainbow flags and LGBT the phrase ‘the right to have your say’ and the word ‘inclusiveness’ were regularly used. Why is this just one way and does not apply for Bible-believing Christians?

Israel Folau’s views are mainstream Christian beliefs. As well as a rugby fan I am a Presbyterian minister in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. This is the largest protestant denomination in Northern Ireland and has over 500 congregations on the island of Ireland.

We hold to the beliefs that Israel Folau shared on social media because he was quoting from the Bible. I know there are 100’s upon 100’s of churches in England that share these beliefs also.

Why are evangelical Christians demonised for sharing what we believe? Why are only LGBT pressure groups being listened to and their propaganda being swallowed by the media?

Why is Rugby League not just sticking to focusing on the game instead of allowing the LGBT to involve itself in what is a religious and ethical debate?

My one sadness in Israel Folau going to Catalan Dragons is that I hoped he would come and play for Ulster Rugby.

Yours sincerely,

William Moody

Editor’s comment: It has been fascinating to read the hundreds of comments we’ve had on the Folau situation and the number of stories. At the end of the day, he is a professional rugby player, he hasn’t committed a crime, and he has a view that is no doubt shared by others, whoever they may be. There’s clearly a line between free speech and hate crime, but that isn’t a line that rugby league needs to occupy itself with defining in my opinion. The coverage that Folau has received shouldn’t be negated by Super League continually tripping over itself with statements where they skirt around the issue. If they aren’t going to ban him (which they aren’t or can’t), then just get on with it and move on to the next story.

Mailbox gives you the chance to get your voice heard and start the debate with the rugby league audience. Want to be featured? Email the editor:


  1. The bloke has said what he’s said , I’m not saying he is right , I’m not saying he is wrong . You have your right to marches around the world , I’m not interested in LBGTxyz , I don’t move in that world . But on the other hand I’m fed up having LBGT shoved under my nose everyday. I don’t bang a drum , blow whistles and wave flags every time I score with my wife , because it’s got nothing to do with you . So shut up about it and get on with the rugby please

  2. Oh Lordy,I have loads of opinions that would see me hung drawn and quartered but I don’t have much to do with social media and therefore I don’t get inundated with hand wringing souls who think that theirs is the divine right and everyone else needs to put on a hair shirt. Sad to say that the only way to have your own opinion is keep it to yourself.

  3. People have gone into a frenzy over this because they believe social media propaganda and not logical thinking. People can no longer think for themselves are just like sheep. BAH, BAH, BAH.

  4. 1st of all I support consenting adults right to love and have sex with other consenting adults and to express that in private and modest/ common decency in regards to displays of affection in public settings. After that is were I draw the line I dont support a sexual sub cultures Rainbow flag being waved around in settings that include children under 18. Just as I dont support the playboy bunny symbol being pushed on people under 18.

  5. “Victimised”, the only thing that happened to a Folau was a) he was held to the ethical standards and behaviour code of the ARU, and b) he was held to the words And teachings of his chosen beliefs and religion.

    The quote “host by his own petard” applies directly. The ARU have made their feelings known on inclusivity, he had been warned as to his conduct previously. He persisted, he was held to account and through their disciplinary procedures, and the courts, he was sacked.

    The Bible makes numerous points about judgement being reserved for God, and God alone, unless you wish to be held to your own standard, and none of us are perfect.

    The issue of his comments on LGBTQII+ issues are almost irrelevant. The matter is secular not religious. He may hold his views, but the rules of the sport precluded him expressing messages deemed inappropriate for them. He persisted. He hasn’t been victimised for his beliefs, he’s been held to account for breach of contract.

    Now, in the world of Union that ban held firm across the world. Given the history of our sport, which has been a model of inclusivity, tolerance, and acceptance. We had 100 years of oppression from Union, we continue to face hostility from them, so you take take a view we offered him a route to redemption and forgiveness, if he’d spoken out strongly out against his previous comments, if he’d demonstrated growth, acceptance, and tolerance then yes we should have welcomed him. But the silence is echoing, not one word, nothing. That is what I believe upsets people.

    I don’t like the way other talk about LGBTQII+ people like they’re from another galaxy or sub human. They are your family, friends, neighbours, the players on the pitch, the person near you in the stand, co-workers, your boss, anyone and everyone. We’re all just perfectly imperfect people, and someone’s sexuali identity shouldn’t be an issue.

    You can save your comments about “woke” or “snowflake” because that reflects on your insecurities, fears, and pettiness. I’ve heard it all before, like the dinosaurs those attitudes belong in the past.

    • Yeah right mate. If we disagree with you its cause we have shallow arguments and belong in the past. You are woke mate and *we* have heard it all before.

  6. So the Member of Yet Another Narrow Minded bigoted branch of the total joke and fraud that is religion is given voice to air his support for a Support for Folau the morons comments “People who are gay should go and burn in Hell” and The former Wallaby has claimed that the bushfires that have devastated the country and left six Australians dead are God’s punishment for legalising abortion and same-sex marriage. And to the Person who replied and wrote that he’s Fed up About having LGBT Shoved under his nose everyday , If these people weren’t Discriminated against Physically assaulted On a daily basis then it wouldn’t be a problem
    It’s odd that you say Shut up and get on the Rugby League, Which is 26 men in shorts having a good hard grapple with each other for 80 minutes. There’s some People like Sigmund Freud who’s study and research would show you do like it being your Nose rubbed in it ?

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