Mailbox: Disappointed at media coverage of the Challenge Cup final

Tommy Makinson (2) of St Helens kisses the trophy as he collects his winners medal

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Dear James,

I wrote to you last month on the state of RL. Since that time a number of prominent people have published their concerns with the game. Attached is the sum total of the Challenge Cup media coverage in The Daily Express 350 words and two photos.

But the deck chairs are neatly arranged on the deck of the RFL Titanic.

Graham Collins

Editor’s comment: Is it just me that thinks that coverage in the Daily Express isn’t that bad? I think rugby league fans need to be a bit more realistic about what coverage the sport can command in the national media based on its size. There are many other sports that would love to get the coverage rugby league does.

Mailbox gives you the chance to get your voice heard and start the debate with the rugby league audience. Get your letters in now via email to:

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  1. It’s more than you get in the Daily Mail. There, did you enjoy it? I wrote to them a while back, they consider UFC to be a more relevant sport to the UK, they also consider the NFL more newsworthy. I can fully understand why Australia aren’t keen on risking their best players coming here for the World Cup. Why would they? They struck a Au$2bn deal over fiver years, thats £1,073,830,000 whereas the Super League took reduced terms to between £50,000,000 to £60,000,000 over two years. The scale of difference is massive, it’s not worth their time. The RFL have failed to develop the game, it’s contracting in England, our elite clubs can’t even put together reserve grade, U21, U19, and youth development teams. The local amateur game is strangling itself with new player registration fees. When the BBC or Sky run an advert for a summer of sport our abscence screams out. We don’t even protect our naming rights, we should have being spiteful and awkward over the term Rugby World Cup, give them a taste of their own medicine, now if anyone mentions superleague you could easily be talking about women’s soccer or netball leagues, sports far more likely to be covered in the national media. Someone needs to grab this sport and give it life support, otherwise terminal cecline is on the horizon.

  2. If RL was RU and RU was RL we would have no RL. The game is a good one that’s why it survives with or without the media’s help. It angers me like it does us all.

  3. Get those ‘free’ Sky superleague games onto terrestrial TV (not YouTube), and politely retire Dave Woods- nice guy, such a boring, robotic commentator. Dave, if you’re reading this, please do the right thing and step aside for someone with more charisma to take over for the world cup, you know it’s for the greater good

  4. If terrestrial tv in Britain stopped putting inane programmes on. The Masked Singer gets more publicity than rugby league.
    Get the championship games on for everybody to watch, they’ve been more entertaining so far this season than superleague.
    And the powers that be at RL head office, stop thinking superleague is the be all and end all. The lower league clubs need the help too if they’re going to survive. Majority of top players started in the lower divisions. Stop pandering to the Superleague teams needs. Before long rugby league will go the way of the football. It’ll no longer be a sport, it’ll just be a business for the elite.

  5. It really doesn’t help when Jason Robinson appears on television to promote the RLWC and ends up talking about the British Lions RU tour!!🤷‍♂️

  6. RL has chased the ever decreasing Sky money for far too long and is controlled by a tiny number of clubs at the top who have done nothing but take and kill off the competition. The constantly changing match and competition rules are also a nightmare for existing fans to follow let alone new ones. The RFL have turned RL into a soulless sport so bent on pursuing, ultimately very little, corporate money it has completely forgotten how it reached its heights of the 80s & 90s and sadly will never rise again while accountants with zero vision run the sport.

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