Magic Weekend gives rugby league the chance to shine

Another Magic Weekend, and the excitement is undoubtedly growing. Even the most curmudgeonly, relentlessly critical rugby league type can surely enjoy all this?

Even the most cynical and jaundiced opponent of everything that has happened in our game since 1945 can relish a day this festival of the sport, surely.

Where else in British professional sport can you see seven top-flight games over two days in one place? With no hint of organised trouble, no oppressive police presence and an air of celebration in the air? Not many other places, that’s for sure.

The players also seem to relish the chance to ply their trade in one of Britain’s great stadiums, in an iconic Northern city, which is famous across the world. 

As far as I can see, there is almost nothing to dislike about the event. It has emerged from some tricky times in moribund venues like Edinburgh to take its place as an integral part of our calendar. 

Questions about whether it can remain in a longer, re-structured season, and whether the fixtures are fair to all teams, are issues which can be debated another day. It would be nice to see at least one of the games on terrestrial TV in future, too.

But, for now, like a veteran prop forward stretching out after a long season, we should all relax and let the sunshine soak away our aches, pains and gripes. Have a cool drink and just enjoy ourselves.

This is our weekend, and we revel in the gathering of the clans, a unique event in British sport, where fans of all clubs can get together in the same venue and wear our colours with pride. 

It is a chance to remember what we all have in common, what we all share, which is this remarkable sport.

Enjoy yourselves!

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