How the 2022 Magic Weekend attendance compares to previous years

Magic Weekend
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The total attendance of 62,154 for the 2022 Magic Weekend in Newcastle was a steady improvement on last year.

It was the first year that two French sides had participated in Super League in the event, with Toulouse having replaced Leigh for the main event.

Toulouse had previously played at St James’ Park, when they met Toronto Wolfpack as a curtain raiser to the 2018 event.

The attendance on Saturday was the fourth most popular day in the 15 years since the concept was born.

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But the Sunday figure in 2022 – 25,333 – was the lowest daily attendance in Magic Weekend history.

Overall, the 2022 edition settles bang in the middle of a ranking of Magic Weekend attendances in 8th place.

  1. 68,276 – 2016 (Newcastle)
  2. 67,841 – 2015 (Newcastle)
  3. 65,407 – 2018 (Newcastle)
  4. 64,552 – 2014 (Manchester)
  5. 64,319 – 2018 (Newcastle)
  6. 63,716 – 2012 (Manchester)
  7. 63,144 – 2008 (Cardiff)
  8. 62,154 – 2022 (Newcastle)
  9. 62,042 – 2013 (Manchester)
  10. 60,866 – 2021 (Newcastle)
  11. 60,214 – 2011 (Cardiff)
  12. 59,749 – 2009 (Edinburgh)
  13. 58,831 – 2007 (Cardiff)
  14. 56,869 – 2019 (Liverpool)
  15. 52,043 – 2010 (Edinburgh)

It follows the pattern of all events since 2014, where the Saturday has been better attended than the Sunday. Only in 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2013 has the reverse been true.

The peak day for the event came in 2015, the only time the 40,000 mark has been hit on a single day.

A total of 40,871 watched Widnes beat Salford, Hull FC triumph against derby rivals Hull KR and then Wigan beat Leeds.

The first three years in Newcastle created the biggest weekend attendances, and though there was a decline that saw the 2019 event moved to Liverpool, it appears to be heading in the right direction.

A COVID-impacted event in 2021 attracted 60,866, with this year’s adding another thousand or so on to that figure.

On the pitch, there was a crucial win for Toulouse over Wakefield to breathe life in to the relegation battle, while Saints prevailed in a thriller over Wigan and Leeds beat Castleford.

Huddersfield boast the best record at Magic Weekends following their win over Salford, with Warrington and Hull FC winning Sundays other matches.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Magic Weekend – when or where it will be played – but it’s fair to say that after 15 editions, it’s very much established itself as part of the rugby league calendar.

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  1. Would love it to Stay in Newcastle, great city and lots of things to see for all the family, good access to and from the ground, and a lovely atmosphere

    • Best place it could possibly be. Only negative being the Hotels are getting a little greedy which may explain the lower Sunday crowds with fans only staying one night.

  2. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Newcastle is popular with the fans, there’s plenty of entertainment around the ground and the city , plus the fans receive a warm welcome from the locals. It’s nearer for most, than London, Cardiff and Edinburgh yet far enough away to make a weekend of it. If you take into account how people are starting to struggle a bit financially, I think the weekend attracted a good crowd

  3. I know that a lot of the supporters would have been from “the heartlands”, but the date was up against a lot of local things going on – most notably the Durham Miners Gala – where it’s been reported there were over 100,000 people present. Keep the date away from events like this an I’m sure you’d get more turning up…

  4. French attendance ZERO. The only reason that there is any attendance on day two is the Hull derby is ALWAYS LAST, because super League know if they put anyone else(except St. Helen’s, or god forbid Wigan) last, no one would stay.
    Waste of time, waste of resources.
    Time to get some serious thinking done.

  5. As a Geordie I would love to see magic weekend as a fixture at Newcastle, I think the locals are becoming more aware of the event now and crowds will build in the future. There was a lot of competition this year with the mouth of the tyne festival running the whole weekend plus two wimbledon finals.

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