Lyne looking for consistent success at Wakefield

Reece Lyne has signed a new three-year contract at Wakefield Wildcats, and now wants to establish himself as a consistent presence in the team.

He is also hoping that Wakefield can build on their recent progress, and become regular play-off contenders.

“I just want to string a consistent amount of games together,” he said.

“I just want to be on the field as many weeks as possible.

“This year and last year I had a run of injuries which kept me out for a couple of months.

“I want to really string a good 20-25 games together and build some confidence and some partnerships up, and cement a starting spot.

“That’s what I signed for. You want to be competing with these top teams, not worrying about relegation and things like that.

“I think with the calibre of players we’ve got, and especially next year with a few additions, we’ll be challenging.”

Lyne also feels that he is developing as a player, with a big part of that down to improved conditioning and strength.

“I feel more comfortable each week,” he said.

“I know I’ve still got a lot of developing to do, a lot of learning.

“I made my debut at 17, to where I am now at 21, it’s totally different.

“You start to understand yourself better, and what works for you.

“A massive part of my game is confidence. Knowing that the coaching staff and the boys believe in me certainly helps.

“Another side is the conditioning. I’ve put a bit of weight on, and that helps.

“[I’ve added] five or six kilos since last year, which is quite a lot of weight.

“I’m certainly feeling the benefits of that on the pitch. It’s definitely good having that extra size.”

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