Lowes backs Bradford players

Bradford coach James Lowes has taken full responsiblity for the Bulls heavy 46-28 defeat to Sheffield yesterday and has vowed to turn his team around.

After the game Lowes said his players are at a very fragile point. 

“At the moment I’m not doing them justice in giving them self-belief and confidence in themselves,” he told The Bradford Telegraph & Argus.

“I’ve got to find a way pretty quick or else in the not too distant future I’ll be a spectator rather than a coach. I’ve got to find a way of helping the boys through those sticky patches.

“I’ll take full responsibility for that result but I want to turn this around, of course I do.”

Lowes said he still had confidence in his team.

“I’ve got 100 per cent confidence in the players,” he said.

“I need to help them more and I’m not doing that at the moment. Do I feel the pressure? Of course. It’s a results-based business and to lose that game by that scoreline was unacceptable.

“I thought the fans were great but I’d understand if they weren’t behind me.”

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