Lovegrove reveals concussion cost

Rhys Lovegrove says after suffering 15 concussions in his career he knew it was time to retire.

Lovegrove hung up his boots at the age of 29 in August after stints with Hull KR, London and Bradford.

The Australian forward, who suffered his first concussion at the age of 16, has opened up about the head knocks he received during his career.

“I’ve had five or six concussions in the last 12 months, taking me up to 15 throughout my career,” Lovegrove told the Hull Daily Mail.

“I can’t complain too much as I’ve probably achieved all I could in the game and it’s time to put the family first as they have been through a rough time with them.

“As I was getting over one of the last concussions, my fiancee Libby told me she wasn’t going to attend my comeback game.

“When I asked her why, she said I usually get carried off the pitch and that she wasn’t going to be a part of that any more.

“That’s when it clicked with me, especially as I got knocked out that week in training.

“Thinking about them now gives me shivers and towards the end I was getting severe headaches up to six or eight weeks later. My eyes hurt when I go outside but things are much better now even if I am a bit more irritable.”

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