Long bows out

Long has been a wonderful half back at St Helens, but these dazzling performances in the Super League never seemed to continue on at International level. There seems to be a divided opinion in the world of Rugby League, some say Britain will miss Long come the end of the season. Others would say Britain have adequate cover.

Long only seemed to hit form internationally last year in the Tri nations, especially with an outstanding performance inspiring GB to victory against the Aussies. In my opinion, Long hit his International peak last year and now he has retired to focus on his St Helens career.

Britain are fairly strong for stand offs, but lack a scrum half that could seriously trouble the Aussies which we have done for many years. There are other scrum halves such a Richard Horne but his performance against Australia last year was far from perfect and Australia exposed him to perfection. Burrow possibly could cause some more problems; he can be a complete menace on his day. The Aussies are a big side and Burrow could use height to his advantage by ducking through the pack.

The British stand off's are not bad at all. Three stand offs; with a good scrum half could make Britain more of a force against Australia and New Zealand. Leon Pryce, Danny McGuire and Jamie Rooney, who has been phenomenal this season for Wakefield. Britain are close to becoming a much better side and just need that finishing touch.


This season in the National League there has been a change in the points system. A team will be rewarded three points for a win, two for a draw, and one for loss (if the team lost by less that 12 points.) We all know there will be a change in Super League, of the Franchise system.

I've heard some talk about this National League points system been used in the Super League Franchise. If this system was used this year imagine how much higher Huddersfield would be up the table. With so many narrow losses they could be pushing for a play off place at the moment.

I'm for this system in one way. I think teams are unlucky to get nothing out of game were they deserved more. But at the end of the day i feel this system should be scrapped because at the end of the day you shouldn't be rewarded for losing. 

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