London unhappy with Ackers Toronto move

London Broncos have expressed their disappointment at hooker Andy Ackers move to Toronto after they had released him to allow him to be closer to his family.

Ackers, 23, had spent two seasons in the capital before requesting an early release due to homesickness and to be closer to his family in Wigan.

But days after London confirmed his exit, Ackers had penned a deal with their Championship rivals Toronto, who will be based in Manchester during their time in the UK next season.

Broncos chairman, David Hughes, said: “It is hugely disappointing for the club that we have done what we perceive to be the right and gracious thing – allowing a young homesick player to go home and live nearer to his family – to have it essentially thrown back in our faces.

“The London Broncos coaching staff have spent a great deal of time and effort in developing Ackers into one of our stronger players, and he now leaves a better player than when he arrived. His departure is a big loss to our squad.

“We will certainly not hold any player in London against his will, and can understand only too well that family comes first, but will not hide the fact that club is dissatisfied with the outcome of granting this early release.”

Toronto, therefore, will have not had to have paid any compensation for the former Swinton man.

Over the weekend, it was revealed they had paid a £130,000 transfer fee to Warrington for the signing of Joe Westerman.

In their first season in the game, Wolfpack swept all before them to win the League 1 title and secure promotion to the Championship, where they will come up against the Broncos.

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