London one of standout candidates for Super League, says Broncos chief

London Broncos are one of the standout candidates for Super League’s 12th spot, according to the club’s chief executive Jason Loubser.

The club have issued an update to their supporters on their bid to become Super League’s 12th club for 2021 following Toronto Wolfpack’s failed bid to gain re-admission into the top flight.

London face competition from Leigh, Featherstone, York, Toulouse and Bradford to gain entry into Super League for next season.

Broncos chief executive Loubser believe other clubs will struggle to match their successful academy, with around 70% of their first team being homegrown.

Loubser said: “Our academy is regarded as one of the biggest expansion success stories in the British game, funded by our owner David Hughes, and for the benefit of the game as a whole for a number of years, producing talent that has gone on to win international honours, Super League Grand Finals and Challenge Cups.

“This academy and scholarship programme provides a pathway all the way through to elite level rugby league. Well before the players are selected for the scholarship programme they play our game across the South East at the community clubs in the region, these clubs do a brilliant job nurturing the young players. A large number of staff are required to ensure this system works as well as it does and with Rob Powell heading up this department for a number of years, the hard work of all of these people is now starting to become apparent.

“On the field our staff are of equal high regard with one of the brightest young coaching groups in the game. Danny Ward is a charismatic head coach with a thoughtful and modern approach to the game of rugby league gaining fans around the sport for his approach to Super League in 2019 that saw us miss out on survival on points difference.

“Jamie Langley, Tom Tsang, Mike Eccles and Nick Naylor head up the support of our head coach with an energised approach to learning and improvement which has seen us progress our performance side year on year and use innovative methods to get the best out of our players. All of our performance team are fully committed to bringing a number of academy products into the first team squad each season and we currently run with around 70% homegrown players in our first team squad, something many others would struggle to rival.”

Broncos chief Loubser also believes the club are vital to helping expand the game and have a big media and commercial presence in the capital.

He added: “Our off-field team is small but highly experienced and the work they are doing in the community and commercially is starting to pay dividends.

“A structured plan for both community development and commercial aspects of the club is in place and the response has been fantastic. Our award winning community team is set for expansion as part of a wider club progression and we hope to see 2021 bringing a record number of school engagements for the club.

“Commercially, brands are continuing to want to partner with the Broncos, despite the difficult times many are facing, and we have many partnerships ready to reveal for 2021.

“We will put forward a strong case for the Broncos to be in SL 2021 and, of course, feel that we are one of the standout candidates for a place in the sport’s premium competition.

“A strong London side opens doors in the media and commercially that rugby league needs as a national game.

“However, should our bid be unsuccessful we are already well underway with preparations for building a squad capable of winning the Championship and an off-field progression that would ensure the club is making huge strides forward. These plans were in place long before Super League became an opportunity and all of our staff have been fully focussed on building the club this summer.”

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  1. Considering they only just got relegated last time round and are located in your capital city,fair enough if they get the gig. Got the financial support and the strong academy set up aswell only problem what’s with the crowds?

  2. As a Widnes fan I’m all for London in super league, got good support and a great catchment area for Aussies and kiwis to watch the sport . Not a French side that can’t win the championship

    • So no interest in getting “locals” involved? TORONTO were castigated for that, ironically by clubs in SL who bring nothing to the table and never will.

  3. What you going on about bringing nothing to the table , their bringing rugby league to the capital of England right in the heart of rugby union . Developing the game at local clubs sides and developing their own players system and people like matin coy and Grantham Thompson have spread the game down south in the schools and universities. Please pull your Toronto blinkers off and see what people are doing down south . Now tell me what Toronto did for the growth of the game and development of the game , nothing . My be you should get some insight into the sport down south before exercising your opinion, you do no credit to London matin coy or graham Thompson’s work

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