Lolesi bemused by Amor dismissal

St Helens’ caretaker coach Jamahl Lolesi hit out at the officials after his team were reduced to 12 men just 12 minutes into Friday’s derby game at Wigan.

Wigan made the most of Kyle Amor’s red card as they defeated Saints 29-18 to end a run of four matches without a win.

Amor was dismissed for a high tackle on winger Liam Marshall and Lolesi believes it was the wrong decision.

“It just wasn’t a red card,” he said. “Ben Thaler (referee) didn’t lose us the game – he didn’t miss the tackles or pass the balls – but what I thought was really poor was that the video ref is there to make calls on foul play.

“When you are an official, take the emotion out of it, take the crowd out of it and make the right decision, especially in a derby game.

“I just don’t understand why you don’t do that. I can’t figure it out. What’s most important is making the right decision, whether it’s a red or whether it’s a yellow, make the right one. Today it was the wrong one.

“We didn’t get lots of other calls throughout the game. I didn’t think the officiating was great and I thought it affected what was going to be a great game.

“I feel sorry for the fans that paid to come and watch a 13 v 13 derby – they got short-changed as well as us.”


  1. At worse the offence deserved ten minutes,at best putting on report,no way did it deserve a red card,his hands slid off the ball and over his head–total injustice.

  2. Thaler’s lengthening track record of heavily penalising Saints continues. This was the guy who came up with a number of dodgy decisions in the play off semi-final against Warrington last year, all went against Saints!!

  3. A couple of weeks back Thaler made an incorrect call to give Brett Ferres 10 mins in the bin when he should have been dismissed for a crusher tackle.
    Today he made a call to dismiss Amor for a high shot, two wrongs don’t make a right and it’s time that referees realised that the game isn’t all about them. We have it in football with some officials and it’s creeping into Rugby League more and more – where players, coaches and supporters alike are going home after games talking about officials rather than outstanding play.

  4. its about time the RFL looked into the poor performances of referees, and also into the players constantly questioning decisions! Ablett is the biggest offender! And also make better use of the video for game changing decisions!

  5. What we should be saying is it’s a good job it did it the ball first cause if it hadn’t it could of been a bad one so let’s not critasize the ref and get behind them more three weeks ago he made the wrong call that could of broken a young players back ? It’s no good saints fans saying it wasn’t a red the ref made the call on what he saw first witch was a sending OFF ? but that didn’t lose you the game cause saints played the best rugby so far this season and that was with 12 men

  6. If we used the video ref for every incident we would not get a game of rugby so we should just accept what the ref calls and move on like they do in union? And know back chat from the players are playing in league get away with a bit to much for my liking?just look at Leeds players every week they get away with forward passes and winging at the ref?

  7. Only match officials can criticize match officials. If you’re not, be quiet. Seriously, there is a shortage of RL match officials so…..
    The video ref does not help. One set of rules, televised or not, does help. Match officials have to apply the same rule with the same outcome, video ref or no video ref. This discrepency is the responsibility of RL and Sky, not the ref!
    Players will always ‘push’ the limit of ‘the flat pass’, lying on’, ‘interference’ and so on, regardless of the shirt on his back so why state it’s always one team getting away with it. Again not the refs fault. If a player ‘gets away with it’, well done, if not then take the consequences.
    I love this game too much, spent too many years stood on cold terracing as well as enjoying summer sun, all the highs and lows of my team, to endure critics. Say something positive, better still do something positive.

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