Lions Crushed: Post-Match Reaction

"I can't take anything away from the Kiwis. You have got to give credit where it is due. They were very determined and a lot of things stuck for them tonight.

"We couldn't establish any field position. We didn't do some of the simple things that we probably did last week against Australia. The Kiwis were very vigorous and very strong and managed to find some field position."

"I don't think we have had a decent call the whole trip but you have to cope with those kinds of things. I could sit here and whinge but I am not going to do that.

"Our destiny is still in our own hands basically. People will write us off but they would be silly to."

 – Brian Noble, Great Britain coach

"The skill was poor throughout the game. They asked us lots of questions and we did not have the answers. Individual performances are not what rugby league is about, it is about team performances."

 – Jamie Peacock, Great Britain captain

"I don't get involved in talking about what officials do or anything. We just stick to the football and leave the refs alone and let them do their job."

 – Brian McClennan, New Zealand coach

"We were just happy to win. After the setback we had last week we have bounced back and credit to everyone in a Kiwi jersey. We knew it was one of the most important matches for the Kiwis because the game took a bit of a knock.

"I guess we will be wanting the Aussies to win. We will sit back and watch it and hopefully it will go our way."

 – Stacey Jones, New Zealand captain

“Makes next week’s game so vital and, in my opinion, I don't think we will win. The Raynor and Pryce “no-tries” were most certainly questionable. They wouldn't have won us the game but it would have done our points difference no harm.

“But the Kiwis were absolutely destructive. The two tries they scored from the chips – both super skill from a rugby league genius. Cayless read that bounce perfectly and so did Wiki when the ball hit the bar. They were both intentional and it worked to perfection.

“Well Done New Zealand, deserved winners today.”

 – N.1.S.F.,

“There's no other way to say it really – we were just outclassed by a better team. Admittedly some video ref decisions were a bit strange, but there's no denying that we were second best and New Zealand deserved to win. I wonder which Great Britain will show up next week?”

 – Tony,

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