Life’s all work for Wane and Wigan

Wigan coach Shaun Wane has admitted that his team’s performance against Castleford last week was unacceptable for his club.

He is putting it right with hard graft, with both the players and the coaching staff at the Warriors working as hard as possible to put things right.

“They’ve not had a day off for three weeks,” he said, speaking about his players.

“We’re working hard to make sure that we’re playing as best as we can.

“We’re not doing that at the minute – there’s no question about that, we need to improve.

“The players are really honest, they’re trying their best. We’re all working hard as staff as well, making sure that teams are seeing the best of us.”

Wane also acknowledges that the heavy defeat in West Yorkshire has weighed heavily on the shoulders of all at Wigan.

He also highlighted that the Warriors lack a bit of physical size this season compared to other teams in Super League.

“We’ve analysed everything we’ve done, to make sure it won’t happen again,” he said.

“Every session we’ve done this week has been fantastic.

“The players have worked really, really hard, and they’re just as passionate as me about this club, and our standards and getting what we can out of the game.

“The fact is that we’re not the biggest team, compared to some Super League teams, we’re small.

“We’re athletic, which lends itself to starting well, because we’re playing against bigger teams who are fit.

“But we seem to finish well.

“It’s not an acceptable situation. It is what it is. We’ve recruited the way we’ve recruited.

“I like certain players playing a certain way, and that’s sometimes a knock-on effect.

“But when Wigan lose, people get more stressed than any other club.

“There’s nobody in this country who will put me under more pressure than I what put on myself.

“I won’t accept losing. I want to win everything. No matter what anybody says to me, I put myself under pressure, so I don’t feel external pressure.”

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