Licensing weaknesses exposed, says Fev chief


Featherstone Rovers have reaffirmed the club’s desire to take its rightful place in Super League despite not being given the opportunity to replace Bradford Bulls in the top division.

The RFL have today awarded Bradford a probationary licence for next season rather than measure Rovers and other Championship clubs against the Bulls, a decision with which Featherstone are entirely at ease.

Rovers Chief Executive Craig Poskitt said: “Whilst I understand the frustration that some of our fans will be feeling, Bradford being in Super League next season is something out of our control at the present time.

“There is no way with the delays in the decision that we would have been in a position to step up in 2013 if we’d been given the chance. It’s a completely unrealistic proposition considering the timescales which would have undermined all the progress this club has made in the last few years, we are doing so much hard work that I will not risk this club falling flat on its backside. The plan we have will enable us to enter Super League on merit with a business model that will be sustainable.”

“Our focus remains on entering Super League in 2015 or hopefully before on our merits, be that through licensing or promotion and relegation. We have made no secret of the fact that we believe the sport should return to promotion and relegation.

“Bradford’s experience has highlighted the inherent weakness of licensing and I am sure that will be taken on board by the RFL in the strategic review of licensing that is currently taking place.

“In the meantime our fans should be assured that Destination Super League is on track and I would urge everyone to get behind the club as we look to defend our Championship title at Warrington in two weeks time.”


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