Lenagan plots more Wigan day trips to London

Wigan chairman Ian Lanegan believes that his club’s game against Catalans at the Den in London this weekend was a success.

The game attracted an attendance of around 8,000 fans, and Lanegan is already planning a return to the capital next season, and probably earlier in the campaign.

“We’ve got to discuss it with our fans, look at the financial returns of the investment we’ve put in and discuss it with the RFL,” Lenagan told BBC Radio Manchester.

“I suspect that what we will do is play a game next year in the regular season rather than in the Super 8s.”

Lanegan also felt that the choice of venue played its part in making the fixture a success.

“We drew the line at 4,000 and said below that was a failure and above was a success,” Lenagan said.

“We’d like 10,000, we’d like 12,500 and we’d like 15,000, and in year two and year three and year four I’m sure that will happen because it’s our intention to continue after today’s success with the experiment of London.

“Millwall has worked extremely well. It’s a lovely stadium, the atmosphere is superb. The way it’s been branded has worked extremely well and they’ve loved having us here.”

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