Lenagan laments Super 8s

Wigan owner Ian Lenagan has branded the relegation of Hull KR as “atrocious” and says Championship clubs are now receiving too much central funding.

Lenagan told Wigan Today he has been against the Super 8s concept from the beginning.

“I was public in saying beforehand that I don’t like this structure,” he said.

“I think the fact that Hull KR, who weren’t bottom of the league, have now been relegated is atrocious.

“The fact Leigh didn’t get promoted earlier was poor.

“The biggest problem I’ve got is now the whole season seems to be getting ready for a play-off – and the play-off is a seven-match play-off, followed by a two-match play-off.

“And I think a lot of supporters are rightly saying, ‘This doesn’t make a lot of sense’.”

Lenagan believes the quality of Super League has been diluted by increased funding to clubs in the Championship.

“I’ve nothing negative against the Championship, but they have spread the money among too many clubs.

“All we’ve done is dumb-down Super League, and you can see that by the fact some are losing to Championship clubs (in the Qualifiers).

“People are saying raise the cap in Super League… if we had more of the money that has gone into the Championship, we could raise the cap.

“Our focus should be on Super League, in that the money which comes in from broadcasting, should stay in Super League – and we would have a healthier game because of it.”

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