Leigh win race for Super League spot

Leigh have won the race for Super League’s 12th spot for the 2021 campaign.

Super League had a position vacant following Toronto Wolfpack’s failed bid to gain re-admission into the top flight for 2021.

Leigh, London, York, Toulouse, Featherstone and Bradford all applied for a spot in the top flight – but the Centurions have won the race.

Lord Jonathan Caine, who led the independent panel who reviewed the bids, said: “I was determined from the outset that this process should be robust and conducted to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and on the basis of ‘rigorous impartiality’ between each of the applicants.

“I am more than satisfied that this was the case.

“Each application was judged strictly but fairly against the agreed criteria that were circulated to clubs and published in November.

“All of the applications were of high quality and I would like to pay tribute to the clubs for the energy and effort they have put into this exercise in what was of necessity a very short time period.”

Super League executive chairman Robert Elstone added: “Six weeks after Super League clubs chose to return to a 12-team format, we are delighted to welcome Leigh Centurions to our 2021 competition.

“The independent panel was impressed by Centurions’ application which scored highly on all published criteria, and it is a credit to everyone at the club that they were able to produce such a comprehensive submission in such a demanding timeframe.

“The club has a number of top-class players with Super League experience, a great stadium and a passionate and committed fan base, all of which will add to the 2021 competition.”

RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer said: “Congratulations to Leigh Centurions, who will take the best wishes of all clubs in the Betfred Championship and League 1, as well as the Rugby Football League, as they prepare to return to the Super League in 2021.”

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  1. Yet another village team that relies on a wealthy mans patronage.
    What’s putting the “super” in super league?
    Its a headlong rush to oblivion.

    • That’s so cool that you know Leigh’s finances!

      Did you read their 430-page booklet that backed up their bid containing extensive statistics on season ticket sales and attendances, examples of the club’s work in the community developing rugby league, and detailed breakdowns of their digital and social media footprint?

      Stop talking rubbish

      • Its npt so long ago your chairman was leaving, then there was a fire sale players off loaded left right and centre. Hes changed his mind good for you, but you have no stable finances. Dont keep kidding yourself, your deluded

  2. As a Southerner I was hoping for an expansion of the game into new markets. With all due respect I’ve never heard of Leigh, I’ve got no idea where it is, and I’ve got no idea how big the town in. Surely getting a big city like York, London, Tolouse or even Bradford would have been the best way forward in terms of securing more investment/interest in the sport? What a missed opportunity

  3. The final nail in the coffin.
    Parochialism rules and kills the game.
    Those who have killed interest should feel proud.
    The NRL would be crazy to invest in such a backward thinking business.
    My Sky subscription finished and my “magic weekend” refunded.
    Interest in SL was minimal, now completely non existent.
    Gates of 2000 seen as aspirational.

  4. Maybe it was the easy way out. They are hosting a RL world cup game after all. That said, congratulations and best of luck to the Leigh Centurions and their fans. To my fellow Wolfpack fans considering the amount of Leigh Centurions influence we had especially in those first two years it’s almost ironic.
    BringBackthePack (at any level)

  5. Disappointed.
    York, London or Toulouse would’ve been the bold decision. Vision.
    Super League team 5 miles from another one just doesn’t make sense.
    How backward the decision.

  6. Devastating for the game.
    No wonder rugby league is a dying sport.
    The best sport in the world, run by idiots who still believe the game can survive and grow by keeping it along the m62 corridor.
    Such a safe decision that has no ambition and indicates how the game will wither and die.
    I thought Robert Elstone might bring some foresight and ambition to the game, but he has no vision and has instead chosen to be best mates with the big SL clubs that control SL.
    Why does SL need another team in walking distance of Saints, Wigan and Warrington.

  7. Don’t be so negative folks. This gives the people of Leigh cause to celebrate through the off season until their team starts getting hammered every weekend next season. Toronto was 0-6 with names like SBW, Leutele, McCrone in the squad. Lets see if Leigh gets a single win. Then they’ll slide back into the Championship whilst other teams have another 12 months to prepare for a meaningful tilt at the SL. The irony is 2022 will see a team evidently less worthy than Leigh of being in the SL being in the SL.

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