Leigh suspend Brierley

The Leigh Centurions have suspended their star halfback Ryan Brierley as the saga over his future continues.

Brierley has given four weekes notice to Leigh to terminate his contract with the club.

The Centurions claim that Brierley has been subject to an offer from the Bradford Bulls.

Leigh have now suspended him and could take legal action against the playmaker.

“It is extremely concerning to again see confidential and sensitive information surrounding Leigh Centurions appearing in the public domain, particularly when it continually centres on Ryan Brierley,” Leigh said in a statement.

“It can be confirmed that Ryan Brierley emailed the Board of Directors on Monday evening, 29th February 2016 purporting to give four weeks’ notice to terminate his contract with the club.

“The Board responded to Ryan Brierley as we have previously done by outlining our position that we do not believe the alleged clause to be enforceable and confirming that he is contracted to the club until 30th November 2016.

“As the matter is being dealt with by the club’s legal advisors the club will not be commenting further on this.

“However, we can confirm that the club will explore all legal avenues to protect its interests which, if necessary, will include taking legal action against Ryan Brierley and any associated third party.”

“On Tuesday 1st March 2016 (Leigh Centurions head coach) Neil Jukes informed club owner Derek Beaumont that he had spoken to Ryan Brierley to ascertain his reasons for purporting to invoke the alleged clause, given he had continually stated privately and in public that he was committed to Leigh Centurions until the end of 2016 and wanted to achieve Super League with the club.

“Derek was informed by Neil that Ryan Brierley stated another Championship Club (named by Ryan Brierley as Bradford Bulls) had made him a lucrative offer until the end of the season and that he would then be a free agent. However, should his contract be increased by £15,000 then he would consider staying.”

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